Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Splish Splash!


Bath time was so much fun last night!



IMG_1877     IMG_1885     IMG_1876

Not even sure what was making her laugh, she was just laughing…

it was great!

IMG_1891     IMG_1893

Before she gets out of the bath,

she’s always gotta put a letter in her mouth!






We bathed her earlier than usual, at 8:00, instead of our usual 8:30 or later. She seemed much happier and playful.  Not that she’s not usually happy in the bath, but if she is really tired, then she can be especially irritable.

After her bath we brought her downstairs to play and she drank her milk. She went to sleep at 9:30pm.  Eventually we want her bedtime to be 9:00, but 9:30 is much better than 10:30 or later. 

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