Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the cutest things

Madelyn never ceases to say the cutest things. I just love her so much.

The other day, I was trying to find something to wear. I was standing in my closet starring at my clothes, as if something new was going to jump out and grab me. Madi walks in and looks up at my boring wardrobe, shrugs her shoulders and says, “hmmmm”. She repeated that several times. I didn’t prompt her to do that or do it myself, which means I must do that a lot and she is just mocking me. It was adorable.

Still trying to contemplate what to wear, I put on a dress and walked around a bit with it on. Madelyn comes up to me and grabs the edge of the dress and sort of tosses it in the air, lifting it up slightly and said, “Oh, cute!!”. Haha! I think she got that from me when I put something cute on her, I probably said, “Oh cute!”.  The next day she had on a green shirt with a little ruffle on the bottom and kept grabbing it and saying how cute it was.

That same night Jose was doing some push-ups.  Madi would assist him by pushing down on his shoulder every time he went down. THEN she starts to copy Jose and GRUNT like she is working out.  Jose and I started laughing so hard and Jose said “that’s too much!!" It was so funny he could not continue for several minutes or even concentrate. Once he was able to stop laughing, he continued and Madi started doing push-ups right next to him and, of course, grunting to make it more dramatic. She did so many push-ups she broke a sweat!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

never judge a book by its cover

So…there’s this man we saw at In-N-Out today…Wait! Let me start off with our day first.

My friend, Yong, and I attended a Photography Workshop today, which was a great experience and we gained a lot of knowledge about photography. It’s basically a 4 hour crash course. Now, we have to get out there and practice what we learned! That’s the time consuming, but fun part. I just want to learn how to capture some great action shots of Madelyn since she is so active and find creative ways to do it. Now, I’m finding that there is SO much more to photography than I could have ever imagined. It is so involved. Can’t wait to wrap my head around it and dig my heals into action!

After an early dinner at CafĂ© Rio, across the street from UNLV, we stopped at In-N-Our burger so that I could indulge on a vanilla shake. Of course, I wasn’t still hungry, but I’m pregnant and I want what I want (or what the baby insists that I have)! Period.

I ordered and when Yong came out of the bathroom a guy came up to her and said, “you know you just used the men’s restroom?”. Our first thoughts are ‘why are you watching us THAT closely?’. She corrected him and told him that she went into the door on the right, which was the women’s. He said “Oh…” and went back to his table, which was on the other side of the place, far from us and the restrooms (again, why was he watching us?). As he walked away, we both thought and I think I said…”weirdo” and rolled my eyes. I got my shake and we walked to the student union building.

Ten minutes after arriving at the workshop, I realized that I had my camera, but NOT my purse! I figured I left it at In-N-Out and frantically darted out of the auditorium and RAN to In-N-Out. Did I mention that it was FREEZING outside and that I am PREGNANT and very OUT OF SHAPE, with NO real jacket?!? As I’m running, I am thinking I left it on the seat. The Weirdo totally took my purse! I mean, he was apparently watching us very closely, so it only made sense! If anyone would notice my purse on the seat, it would be HIM!  I ran faster and faster, reminding myself that every second counted. It’s not like an hour had passed and what was done, was done.  It had only been 15 minutes now. I could still catch him…pregnant or not.

I’m huffing and puffing as I jog into the In-N-Out parking lot. I see the bright-yellow-shirt-wearing Weirdo, standing outside the front door looking around…looking for ME!  He sees me and yells, “Slow down! I found your purse! The staff has it. Stop running…it’s not good for the baby! Come in and catch your breath. I was looking for you because I knew it was yours.” I can barely get the words “Thank you” out, not just because I was out of breath, but because I had my foot in my mouth!

Talk about judging a book by its cover. It’s more likely that the people you would least expect to do crazy, cruel, evil things do it without anyone noticing or expecting it from them. The angels that come before us are just that – angels. You have to humble yourself and sometimes look hard to recognize the angels God sets out to watch after us. I thanked him several times…sat down for bit to catch my breath…and watched him drive away in his taxi cab…thankful that I still had my wallet, ID, cards, money, car keys, phone…thought how he made a good, honest decision….while I felt guilty to have judged him. You live and learn.

Side note, for the record - we got to the workshop 45 minutes early! For those of you that know me, know that I’m never early. I run an average of 30 minutes late to everything. I even told Yong I would meet her at 2:30 and arrived at 2:28! I’m thrilled about TWO early arrivals today! Yes, I’m tooting my horn!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

daddy’s little girl

Madelyn is starting to ask for Daddy more and more.  Throughout the day she will ask, “Where Dada?” and look all over the house for him. She doesn’t quite understand the concept that he is working. I look forward to Jose coming home every day, not only because he’s my wonderful hubby, but because it is the best part of my day to watch them play as soon as he walks in the door. Dinner may be hot and ready to eat. Normally, as a mother and wife you want the family to sit down as soon as it’s ready to have a HOT meal.  In these moments, life pauses and nothing else matters.  What’s most important is watching them interact. Madelyn’s face lights up the minute Jose walks in the door. It’s like she has been waiting ALL DAY for Daddy to come home and rough house with her. Anything from picking her up and wrestling her to the ground, hopping around with her on his shoulders like a frog, yelling “ribbit, ribbit…”, chasing her around the house crawling on his hands & knees or simply smothering her in slobbery kisses! Whatever it is, she just loves her father so much. I admire him for the attention he gives her and the energy he exhausts after a long day at work…nothing will keep him from hyping her up just in time for bed.

His love for her never runs out.








my sleeping beauty


I love watching my daughter sleep. She dreams. She rests. She recharges. She doesn’t have a worry in the world. A child’s innocence is so delicate. I love that she finds so much warmth and security in my arms and she knows that I will put her to sleep in a safe place…with her bear, of course! It’s so nice that she is at the age where I can put her in her crib, cover her, give her her bear and she will say “night, night…I love…” and go right to sleep. She trusts us, as her parents.

The love I have for my daughter is indescribable. beyond words. intense.  incredible. immeasurable. significant. unfathomable. immense. unique. infinite.  

a love only a mother can understand.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Splish Splash!


Bath time was so much fun last night!



IMG_1877     IMG_1885     IMG_1876

Not even sure what was making her laugh, she was just laughing…

it was great!

IMG_1891     IMG_1893

Before she gets out of the bath,

she’s always gotta put a letter in her mouth!






We bathed her earlier than usual, at 8:00, instead of our usual 8:30 or later. She seemed much happier and playful.  Not that she’s not usually happy in the bath, but if she is really tired, then she can be especially irritable.

After her bath we brought her downstairs to play and she drank her milk. She went to sleep at 9:30pm.  Eventually we want her bedtime to be 9:00, but 9:30 is much better than 10:30 or later.