Thursday, February 3, 2011

daddy’s little girl

Madelyn is starting to ask for Daddy more and more.  Throughout the day she will ask, “Where Dada?” and look all over the house for him. She doesn’t quite understand the concept that he is working. I look forward to Jose coming home every day, not only because he’s my wonderful hubby, but because it is the best part of my day to watch them play as soon as he walks in the door. Dinner may be hot and ready to eat. Normally, as a mother and wife you want the family to sit down as soon as it’s ready to have a HOT meal.  In these moments, life pauses and nothing else matters.  What’s most important is watching them interact. Madelyn’s face lights up the minute Jose walks in the door. It’s like she has been waiting ALL DAY for Daddy to come home and rough house with her. Anything from picking her up and wrestling her to the ground, hopping around with her on his shoulders like a frog, yelling “ribbit, ribbit…”, chasing her around the house crawling on his hands & knees or simply smothering her in slobbery kisses! Whatever it is, she just loves her father so much. I admire him for the attention he gives her and the energy he exhausts after a long day at work…nothing will keep him from hyping her up just in time for bed.

His love for her never runs out.








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