Monday, January 31, 2011

loves her mama

Tonight, I had a special moment with my daughter. We were on the couch and Madelyn was sitting on my lap facing me. She lifted my glasses above my eyes, placed them on my head and put both hands on my face, as if she was admiring me. She repeated this several times. She was so gentle. She kept smiling at me, rubbing her hands on my face and said “soft” a couple times. She then put a hand on each cheek and turned my head to my right (almost abruptly), so the left side of my face was facing her, and she gave me a great big kiss on my cheek! It was so intentional. Then she turned my head back to face her and continued looking at me for a minute, giving me some sweet smiles. She ended our special moment with a heart felt squeeze.

Madi loves her mama, I say this proudly. I can tell that she understands what love is. Of course, only to a certain extent, but enough to know that she loves others and she knows we love her. Madi’s heart is so pure and innocent. She is so compassionate and loving. She is so gentle and caring. I’m sure she is going to be an amazing big sister.

Moments like these are the best thing a mother could ask for. They will never be forgotten.

it’s not just me

I found out that Blogger editing has been having some problems and glitches and that’s why I’ve been getting so frustrated.  It’s been my new “project” every night after Madi goes to bed to figure out what the heck is wrong with my blog.  I was one of the people their glitches were messing with! I feel better now.  I thought I was just not smart enough for my own good and couldn’t even post a darn photo or have less than 10 spaces between a paragraph.

Ahhh…now I can sleep.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Picture Post using Writer

I am loving how easy it is to post pictures!


(compared to using Blogger editing)

Blogging using Windows Live Writer

Gerry, a guy that replied to one of my questions in the Blogger Help Forum, told me about Windows Live Writer to edit/blog. I am testing it out! So far I really like it! Now, my blogging world will be made easier….I hope.

Thank you Gerry!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

20 Months Miss Madelyn

Madelyn turned 20 months on January 4th. I don't know how times flies by, but I feel like we just celebrated her first birthday. Not a day goes by where she doesn't do something new, say something new or learn something new and I think to myself, I should record that or make note. So, let me search deep into my brain and try to remember the last 240 days...I haven't written a single thing down. I always think I will remember or "get to it later" and never do. Now, if I would have kept up on blogging, I would have a fun, photo filled, online memory of our daily lives (that's why I am starting now (catching up first).
Here are some recent Madi Memories:

Tells us when she has a booger:
About 2 months ago (at 20 months old) she started telling us when she has a booger in her nose. Jose was putting her to bed - holding her, lights off - and she said, "boogey, boogey!". I came to the rescue with the lovely booger sucker (I heard her on the monitor) and got it out and she was good to go...went right to sleep.
No more singing:
Christmas Eve we stayed at my parents house and my mom turned on the radio and started dancing and singing with Madi. Everytime my mom started to sing Madi would put her hand over my mom's mouth and say "no more!" She did that several times and it was hilarious! (almost 20 mos. old)
Around New Year's Jose, my mom and I were all talking and hanging out in the living room. All the sudden Madi comes in the room saying "F&#@!" several times and then says "F&#@ It!". We were in shock, looking at each other wondering where she learned that or what she was saying. Eventually, we figured out that she was saying FROG and FROGGIE. She wanted Jose to put her on his shoulders and take her for a ride, hopping along like a frog saying "ribbit". Haha! (20 months old.) She still says the F word for Frog and now Fork also.
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:
Last Night (Thurs, Jan 27) I was putting her to bed. I was singing to her in her room and she started trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She said, "tink tink...dar...up above...dia (diamond)...and she opens and closes her hand(s). It is so cute. Today, after she woke up from her nap and was playing in her crib, I can hear her singing it again.
Madi's Language at 20 Months (not in any order):
Madelyn will pretty much repeat (or attempt) anything you say or ask her to say.
There is a large number of words she will say consistantly, so I included what I could think of below:
I put an * by the words I know she was saying at 14 months (give or take).
Hello (pronounced Ellooooo)
*Hi (usually with a wave)
*Uh Oh
Oh no!
Bear (shows us the bears in her crib every morning)
Blanket (banke)
*Up and down (Up a da)
Change (diaper)
Back (put back)
Booger (boogey)
I love you (she says "I loooove...")
*Mommy (mama)
*Daddy (da dye)
*Grandma (ma ma, with a pause compared to mama)
Abuela (Ab e lalalalala, being silly)
*Grandpa (ampa)
Aspen (Apen)
Mishki (Micky)
Woof (ooof oof)
*Cat (cat or ny ny ny)
Mickey Mouse (Mouse)
Donald Duck (Duck)
Dora (Dory)
Handy Manny (An Man)
Sponge Bob (Bob Bob)
*Princess (usually referring to "Enchanted")
Alice (A lalala)
Letters (le le, referring to Letter Factory)
Nemo (elmo)
Grinch (ginch)
Nite Nite (ny ny)
Door (dooooo)
Potty (po-ee)
*Food (num num)
Comida (num num)
Clean (cip)
Spill (pill)
Snack (Nnnnack)
Bath Time (Ba time)
Soft (sof)
Lotion (ocean)
Vavava (shivers)
*More (Mo - ee)
*Please (peas)
Thank You (Tay coo)
*Yes (si)
No more (no mo ee)
*All done (a dye)
Hand (haa)
*Bib (biby)
Strawberry (ta berr)
*Yogurt (o gurt)
Banana (na na)
Peach (poach)
Turkey (chicken)
Water (ammm, for agua)
Pancakes (pacay)
Oatmeal (oatmeat)
Crackers (cok or coker)
Cookie (cook)
Ice Cream
Outside (ou sy)
Scared (ecare)
Shaking (she says sakin, which she also says when she is scared of something)
Nose (no)
Teeth (tee)
Ear(s) (air)
Hair (air)
Head (ed)
Shoulder(s) (soul)
Hand(s) (hah)
Close (cose)
Open (opit)
Bless You (bess you)
Sorry (sowy)
Carpet (cup it)
Fix (sick)
One (will count on her own)
Two (will count on her own)
3-10 will repeat

She will repeat colors & shapes and I think she knows them, but won't say them on her own.

She knows the SOUNDS of the whole alphabet (from Leap Frog Letter Factory).  I will say "The A says..." and she will say the sound it makes.
I will write more about the “latest” of Miss Madi…I’m just happy I got this much done and I’m figuring out a better way to blog and edit!

Monday, January 17, 2011

a blog of a goal

"Blog" has been in the back of my mind for a long time...well, since my last post almost a year ago. I've been wanting to nurture my blog for so long and me not doing anything with it is driving me nuts. The primary reason I want to be consistent with blogging is for memories, a record, something to look back on. I've always enjoyed reading old journal entries or looking at old letters. It's just so real. I also need an outlet to write, share, express whatever is on my mind or whatever I'm experiencing. This day and age I doubt that I will ever journal in a notebook again. The problem with me jumping on board with blogging again (not that I was ever much of a blogger before) is that I feel like I have missed out on so many opportunities. If I would have stayed consistent, I would have made so many posts and included some wonderful moments. But I figure, there's no sense in crying over spilled milk. I've been extremely busy. I'm about to be even busier, but if I have good time management I think I can do it! I do not plan to blog every day, but at least a few times a month would be awesome and pretty serious, in my opinion. I think my next several entries will end up being "catch up" entries to make myself feel better. Here's the thing...I'm about to dive into the world of blogging, with TWO FEET this time, and most of my posts will be about the baby I'm expecting and the entire process (baby belly, labor, new addition to the family, etc.) and I can't help but feel bad that I didn't do that with Madelyn. Bear with me, as my next entries will be from the "past" to recap the last year.