Monday, January 17, 2011

a blog of a goal

"Blog" has been in the back of my mind for a long time...well, since my last post almost a year ago. I've been wanting to nurture my blog for so long and me not doing anything with it is driving me nuts. The primary reason I want to be consistent with blogging is for memories, a record, something to look back on. I've always enjoyed reading old journal entries or looking at old letters. It's just so real. I also need an outlet to write, share, express whatever is on my mind or whatever I'm experiencing. This day and age I doubt that I will ever journal in a notebook again. The problem with me jumping on board with blogging again (not that I was ever much of a blogger before) is that I feel like I have missed out on so many opportunities. If I would have stayed consistent, I would have made so many posts and included some wonderful moments. But I figure, there's no sense in crying over spilled milk. I've been extremely busy. I'm about to be even busier, but if I have good time management I think I can do it! I do not plan to blog every day, but at least a few times a month would be awesome and pretty serious, in my opinion. I think my next several entries will end up being "catch up" entries to make myself feel better. Here's the thing...I'm about to dive into the world of blogging, with TWO FEET this time, and most of my posts will be about the baby I'm expecting and the entire process (baby belly, labor, new addition to the family, etc.) and I can't help but feel bad that I didn't do that with Madelyn. Bear with me, as my next entries will be from the "past" to recap the last year.

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