Thursday, February 4, 2010

9 Month Miss Madi

Today Little Miss Madi is 9 months old!

I glanced at my previous entry entitled "hello ambition" and I just looked away.
My laptop crashed and my desktop was slower than molasses, but here I am with a brand new computer!

Throughout each day thoughts come to mind, mostly about my daughter, about how much she is growing up, the new things she is doing, how I feel about being a mother... I feel the need to write these down, include them in my blog, something. I never do it. Someday I know I will want to look back at my blog or calendar and just remember when... Never should these memories or day-to-day thoughts be lost. I've decided I am going to write. Just write. Whenever. Whatever. However.


These past 9 months have gone by fast, but it still feels like 9 months, if that makes sense. Madi does something new everyday.


Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch and Madi was on the floor with her stuffed animal - Puppy - no real name yet. I simply said to her "Kiss the puppy!". She picked up Puppy and kissed him and put him back on the floor. I said it again and she did the same thing! It was too precious!

Yesterday, my mom was changing Madi's diaper and she said quietly "Patty cake" (and didn't clap) and Madi started to clap. Madi just learned to clap recently. She hasn't mastered it, but it's a clap for sure.

She was playing by herself the other day and I caught her out of the corner of my eye saying "Yay!" and clapping.

Who's Bob??????? So often Madi will continuously say "bob?" "bob?" "bob?" "bob?" while crawling and looking around. No, she's not trying to say boob - we don't teach her that word! We ask her, "who is Bob?", "Bob is not here". It's actually really funny. We are convinced she has a friend named Bob and she searches for him all the time. "Bob" is distinctly different from when she says "Bop".

On Tuesday, she stood unassisted for 14 seconds! SpongeBob made that happen.

3 weeks ago madi started teething. Her two bottom teeth came in together. She now has the cutest little teeth. Typical teether - whiney, woke up every night, cried frequently in the middle of the night, needy, clingy.

Madi and Teah played together at her house yesterday. They are too cute togeher - same size, body frame, hair color & length, 2 teeth on bottom, chunky legs, pot belly. Little bopsie twins! 8 days apart.

I love when Madi will lay down completely still while either Jose or I give her kisses all over her face. This is one of the few times she is this calm. She loves when we give her kisses!

Madi knows what HER chair is. Whenever she is in her room and we say, "where's your chair?", "go to your chair", she goes right to it.

At 8 months - my mom and madi were playing in madi's room - Madi would stand up holding onto her chair, pick up her little lambie and throw it on the floor. My mom would pick lambie up and put it in the chair. Madi would throw lambie on the floor again. This went on for a while - my mom said at least 20 times. One time madi threw lambie on the floor and my mom didn't pick it up. She looked at my mom like "uh....aren't you gonna pick up lambie?!?! (concerned look). Madi then picked the lambie up off the FLOOR and put it on the chair!!!

Madi could be on a mission to get across the room or to get something she so needs, but (when she is hungry or due to eat) I say "Milk? You want milk? (and signing milk)" she makes a u-turn and crawls so fast directly to me, climbs on me and searches for the ever-so-good-leche. It is the funniest thing!

Lately, Madi has been tilting her head sideways in her high chair laughing to play with me. I do the same back to her.

I LOVE hearing her coo in her crib and play independently. Love it!

The best part of the day is when Madi sees daddy come home after work. He always says "Madelyn?!?!" and she looks around to find him and greets him with the biggest smile - her face just lights up! It is so precious.

Words & Phrases we know that she understands:

all done
bath time
where's cat
kiss the puppy
come here
where are you going?
do you want food?
where's daddy?
daddy's home!

Baby schedule right now (always subject to a spontaneous change) -
Wakes up anytime between 6:30 and 7:30am.
I let her play and coo in her crib for a while (maybe 30 mins), until she starts to whine or cry.
Diaper change.
Nurse her in my bed (likes to nurse lying down since she was 3 mos)
I put her in her play pen while I eat breakfast and then work, check voicemail, do dishes, laundry, whatever I can and quickly. When she starts fussing or crying - times up.
Play Time! Madi crawls all over the house and I chase her. She likes to climb over the bottom or her high chair. She loves to stand holding onto her jumper. She stands up to t.v. and watches (that can't be good for her eyes), Madi just discovered the window by the front door and likes stand and look outside, she climbs in her car seat - stands in it and I rock her, climbs up the steps, tries to break out vertical blinds by back door, takes all the books, photo books, magazines off end table and throws them on the floor, watch a little Dora/Spongebob/Agent Oso/FreshBeat Band/Go Diego Go/Backyardagains (whatever is on). Notice I haven't mentioned ONE of her toys yet???!!!??? No need to buy toys.
First rubbing of the eyes comes and we are off to bed.
Diaper change.
Nurse in my bed.
Down for a nap (awake) usually at 9:30 or 10:30am, depending on what time she woke up.
Wakes up an hour & a half to two hours later.
Diaper Change.
Lunch (veggie earth's best and 1/2 fruit, water in sippy cup)
Usually nurse her within the hour after she eats lunch (normally on couch downstairs)
Play Time! (same as above) plus time in jumper, swing, play pen, etc so I can get work done.
Rubbing eyes =
Diaper change.
Nurse in my bed.
Down for nap again. Afternoon nap is usually around 2:30 or 3:00pm (same as above). Usually at least 2 hours. Sometimes she sleeps 3 or more - that's a sweet treat!!!
Wakes up anywhere between 4 and 5:30pm.
Diaper change.
Dinner (veggies and the rest of her fruit from lunch, water)
*Daddy usually comes home in the middle of lunch (tues & thurs) or dinner (mon, wed, fri).
Usually nurse her within the hour after she eats dinner (normally on couch downstairs)
Play time!
Bath time! (every other night)
Story time!
Nurse (in my bed or in her room)
Mommy and daddy kiss her goodnight, say a prayer/thank God, give her stuffed animals a kiss and she kisses them, say NiteNite Time, turn on humidifier, music, mobile, monitor and lights out. Love you!
Down to bed in crib around 8:30.
Sometimes wakes up in middle of night and I nurse her in my bed.
Once she's asleep, I either work until 11 or relax with Jose if I am caught up with work.

Talk about a FULL TIME JOB! Lots of work. I don't understand how some people don't have some sort of a routine. You have to or you'll go crazy! Babies like routine too.

(Ahhh! I feel better. I wrote down our current detailed schedule.)

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  1. that's exciting she has a schedule- I know you were trying to get her on a routine for a long time. That's aweSOME. doesn't it make life so much easier when they eat and sleep at the same time everyday!

    You seem like you're doing such a great job! and she sounds like a GENIUS!